Adult Flu Vaccination – Patient Information

Flu vaccinations are changing this year as patients will receive one of two different vaccines depending on their age.

Public Health England have recommended to all surgeries that those aged 65 and over will be given a different flu vaccine called Fluad.  This is based on the latest scientific evidence of the Fluad vaccine being much more effective for older patients.

This will mean we will need to change how we organise our flu clinics this year as it is a little more complex than in previous years. We have had to order the different types of vaccines based on the numbers of patients in each age group vaccinated last year, so hopefully this will match this year’s needs.

It is also as important as ever that our patients get their vaccinations from the surgery rather than elsewhere, to ensure we use our full order and help prevent any financial loss to the surgery. Not many people know, but we have to order our flu vaccines nearly a year in advance. Practices had lots of problems around last Christmas time when different advice was given to us by Public Health England regarding the new vaccines. This meant that we needed to change our orders for vaccines twice.

If you are aged UNDER 65 years old and eligible for a flu vaccine:

We will give you the Quadrivalent flu vaccine.  These vaccines will arrive at the surgery on 21stSeptember so we can start our clinics on 24th September 2018.

Please contact reception to book your appointment.

If you are aged 65 OR OVER:

We will give you the Fluad flu vaccine.

The vaccine is made by one single manufacturer who are providing vaccines to every surgery and pharmacy in the country and are delivering the vaccine in stages during September, October and November.  We have had confirmation of our orders and our delivery dates so we are planning our clinics accordingly to match when we receive our supply of vaccines during the autumn.

NHS England and Public health have recommended that we vaccinate patients in the following order:

First – Group 1: Patients 75 and over (appointments from September 17th onwards)

Second – Group 2:  Patients aged 65 to 74 also in a clinical risk group (appointments from October 15th onwards)

Third – Group 3: The remainder of the over 65s (appointments from 3rd November onwards)

Please be assured we will be able to vaccinate everyone who needs to be, but perhaps not as quickly as usual in previous years. Please bear with us. Public Health England advice is that everyone should be vaccinated by the end of November and we will be able to achieve this.

Whichever group you are in, please call us now so that we can book you an appointment.  We will be able to book you an appointment date based on your group and ensure we have a vaccine put aside for you .

We are sorry that it is not as straightforward as usual although this has been out of our control.  We have planned as carefully as we can but we are reliant on the delivery of our vaccines for the over 65s on schedule.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to decline to have your vaccination or have been vaccinated elsewhere, please email the surgery at and let us know so that we can update our records.

We look forward to seeing you.